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Genuine Stones: Garnet
The vibrant color red is used for the birthstone of January. Garnet is the genuine stone we for this month. Over the years this lovely gem has symbolized such things as faith, truth, grace and fidelity. There are five kinds of genuine garnets available, varying from a raspberry red to a brown red. Garnets are durable and brilliant and will give years of pleasure. Garnets are found in the U.S., Africa, Sri Lanka, India and Brazil

Genuine Stones:
The rich purple color is used for the birthstone of February. Amethyst, a variety of quartz, is the genuine stone. When transparent and of good color, it is valued as a semiprecious gem. The ancient Greeks believed this stone protected them against drunkenness and passion.It is said to be symbols of peace, protection and tranquillity.

Genuine Stones:
Aquamarine / Blue Topaz
A sky blue color represents the month of March. The genuine stone, used for this month are blue topaz and aquamarine.Aquamarine gets its name from two Latin words that mean "sea" of "water. This lovely blue gem has been popular since 400 B.C . Ancient Greeks believed aquamarine held the essence & spirit of sea. Blue topaz has been called the "Stone of Strength". During medical times topaz was thought to heal both physical and mental disorders and prevent death. There are four kinds of blue topaz available.

Genuine Stones:
Diamond / White Topaz / White Zircon
White is the color used for the month of April. The diamond is the traditional stone. White Zircon is another stone used to represent April. The name "diamond" comes from the Greek word "adamas" meaning unconquerable. Diamonds have been the traditional symbol of love since ancient Greece. Diamond, one of the worlds most important mineral resources, is pure, natural carbon. It is harder than any other natural or artificial substance known. The cubic zurconia is a laboratory grown stone that looks like the diamond. We use the highest quality of CZ's available in the jewelry market.

Genuine Stones:
The color used to represent May is a pure grass green. Emerald a green variety of beryl, is

the genuine stone. Emerald has been treasured since 4000 BC According to legend, the wearing of emerald soothes the eyes, cures low I. Q. and infertility. Emeralds are found mainly in Colombia, Brazil, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Genuine Stones:
Alexandrite / Pearl / Rhodalite
June color is a variegated purple-green red color. The traditional gemstones used for June are alexandrite, pearl and moonstone. Fine alexandrite is exceedingly rare and expensive. Pearls, a hard round object, valued as a gem, are produced as an abnormal growth within the shells of certain bivalve mollusks. The most valuable colors of pearl are white cream, rose and black. The more perfectly round the shape the better. The higher degree of luster or "iridescence" the more priced the pearl is. Moonstone was used in Roman jewelry about A.D. 100. It is named for its resemblance in color to the moon.

Genuine Stones:
The bright red is the color used for July. The genuine stone is a ruby. Ruby comes from the

Latin word "ruber" meaning red. Rubies are one of the worlds most valuable gemstones and

believed to have great powers. Ruby is also thought to control one's passions and thoughts. The finest rubies come from Burma. Other rubies also come from Thailand, Cambodia, Sri

Lanka and North Carolina.

Genuine Stones:
A lively lime green color is the color of August. The genuine stone for this month is peridot.

Peridot was mined on St. John's Island (also called Zebirget) in the Red Sea. Egyptian kings

favored these gems, which were often mined in harsh conditions. Peridot is a gem that's been connected to superstition throughout the ages. It is a soft stone and care should be taken to protect it from sratches, household chemicals and extreme temperature changes. The most important source of period in the world is the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation near Gloke, Arizona.

Genuine Stones:
A deep blue is the color of September. Blue sapphire is the genuine stone used for this month.Ancient priests and sorcerers honored sapphire above all gems, for this stone enabled them to interpret oracles and foretell the future. Sapphire owes its pale blue to deep indigo color to small amounts of irm and titanium found in the mineral corsndum. Some of the places sapphires are found in are Thailand, Cambodia, Burma, Australia, China and the U.A.

Genuine Stones:
The color pink represents October. Opal and pink tourmaline are the genuine stones used for month. Opal is a semi precious gem long valued for its play of colors and opalescence. Opal has symbolized hope, innocence and purity through the ages. The finest opals come from Australia. Pink tourmaline has been used as gem material for over 2000 years. The pink color occurs from the presence of maganese. Sometimes people select this pink red to violet stone because it is not as fragile as opals and it is usually sold as a faceted gemstone. Tourmaline is found on the island of Elba, in Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Ural Mountains and in the state of Maine.

Genuine Stones:
Citrine / Yellow Topaz
A golden yellow color represents the color for November. The genuine stone is a topaz. The name topaz is derived from the Greek work meaning "to shine" and also implies "fire". The love, magic and romance of topaz goes back many thousands of years. It holds the distinction of being the gemstone with the widest range of curative powers. Citrine, a member of the quartz family, is often used as an alternative to topaz because it appears in many of the same colors as topaz. The name comes from the French citron (lemon) which refers to its color.

Genuine Stones:
Blue Zircon / Blue Topaz
Sea blue is the color used for the month of December. The blue zircon and blue topaz are used for the genuine stones of this month. Zircon was worn during the Middle Ages as an amulet for protection from sickness, injury and insomnia. Topaz is an aluminum silicate mineral. Certain types of topaz are irradiated and heated to produce shades of blue. The longer they are treated the deeper the blue color. Topaz is said to make its wearer invisible in time of emergency.


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