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What is Hallmark?

Hallmarking of silver and gold is one of the earliest forms of consumer protection, starting as long ago as 1238 AD.

A Hallmark is a stamp applied to an article of precious metals after test by assay, by an official Assay Office, to denote fineness of quality.

No article or part of an article is marked unless it is first assayed and found to be of the standard of quality required by law. Although the assaying and marking authorities are not government officials, they operate under full legal powers.

The British Hallmark is of unquestioned and unquestionable integrity as a guarantee of quality. It is accepted as such in every part of the world.

Here are a most common used compulsory punch marks:


333 is for 8 karat containing 0.333% fine gold

585 is for 14 karat containing 0.585% fine gold

750 is for 18 karat containing 0.750% fine gold

916 is for 21 karat containing 0.916% fine gold

999 is for 24 karat containing 0.999% fine gold


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