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RUBIN Jewellery was founded by Avdyl Hoxha in 1965 after he has ended the 4 year artisans school in skopje he started as independant family owned jewellery business based in Skopje, Macedonia - and over the years has grown to be Kosova's favourite Gold manufacturer and retailer.

RUBIN Jewellery now has 6 retail stores with gold and silver jewelery and 2 production line of sheet and investment casting with totally 18 employees.

In our showrooms we serve you our experience of years combined jewelery with ORDINARY and European styles.

RUBIN Jewellery now carries over 5000 different designs of gold jewelery, with more than 200 new designs added every year. By importing directly from Italy, Turkey, Thailand, as well as more than 500 own gold jewelery designs we are able to provide a very competitive pricing structure as well as maintain a high level of quality control.

RUBIN Jewellery carries an extensive inventory of all designs and by combining this with our expedited order fulfillment, our retail clients can be assured of a profitable just-in-time delivery for your business.

After 36 years of selling jewellery in a retail store, the internet has afforded an opportunity that no ordinary retail operation could ever be capable of doing. We think that the internet, will drop operating costs of a total price and that's why we can offer you such tremendous value. 
We at
Rubin Jewellery look forward to the future possibilities that the internet will offer, and above all else, we look forward to making new customers and friends all over the world !


Rubin I


Deshmoret e kombit 131
Ferizaj, Kosova

Tel & Fax: (0290) 320 815 

Rubin Diamond Line

This Store is located in the center of the capital of Kosova, Prishtina near the GRAND HOTEL.

Rr.19 Nëntori No. 7/2
Prishtina, Kosovë

Tel (044) 656-256

Rubin III

Gold Jewellery

Deshmorët e kombit 136
Ferizaj, Kosova

Tel: (0290) 321 309

2002-2010 by Rubin Jewellery