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We, the RUBIN Jewellery shall be one of the nations' leading companies in the fields of Gold jewelery production as well as wholesale and retail chain stores

We shall endeavor to deliver quality materials, services, workmanship with minimum cost.

We shall innovate and adapt to changes in technology to deliver quality projects for total customer satisfaction
We shall work together to improve the quality of life of our employees by harnessing their potential to the fullest in the light of discipline, honesty and commitment.
We shall be a responsible corporate citizen by being socially and morally inclined to the community
Serve the best quality products to gain our customers' satisfaction and trust.
To make our website a success, we must gain a reputation as a company you can trust and rely on for unique, quality jewellery and diamonds.


Rubin's vision is to provide all our customers with the highest level of customer service and building trust relationships - coupled with quality jewellery at a competitive price. We have over 36 years of collective experience in the jewellery industry and travel the world to provide our customers with the best selection of popular and best-selling designs. As well as creating a website with a worldwide reputation for outstanding quality, service and design


Rubin I


Deshmoret e kombit 131
Ferizaj, Kosova

Tel & Fax: (0290) 320 815 

Rubin Diamond Line

This Store is located in the center of the capital of Kosova, Prishtina near the GRAND HOTEL.

Rr.19 Nëntori No. 7/2
Prishtina, Kosovë

Tel (044) 656-256

Rubin III

Gold Jewellery

Deshmorët e kombit 136
Ferizaj, Kosova

Tel: (0290) 321 309

2002-2010 by Rubin Jewellery